The aims and objectives of SAI SRIRAM Trust :

a. To establish, maintain, run, develop, manage, takeover, adopt and support educational institutions more particularly for physically or mentally disabled children  irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

b. To provide money or materials to poor or deserving students for pursuing their studies and for advancement of their education in all fields and at all levels.

c. To maintain and run orphanages, homes for the destitute and the aged.

d. To undertake relief in times of distress arising from famines, floods, tempests, riots, civil commotions or any other causes and establish and conduct centers for poor and needy persons with a view to rehabilitate them.

e. To raise or collect funds by way of subscription, fees, donations, gift or properties, movable and immovable, grants, endowments by individuals, institutions, trusts, firms, societies or corporate bodies or by other means for the furtherance of the above objects or such other objects that the trust may hereafter purse.

f. To provide assistance in the form of money or materials to perform manages or to defray medical expenses for the poor and deserving.

g. To sponsor, or contribute to any project of general public utility not involving the carrying of any activity for profit.

(C) Copyright Sai Sriram Trust, 2017