Continious Progression of Sriram Srinivas

Sriram Srinivas aims to compete in various international sea swimming events. The photos here narrate the training sessions, participating events and various support received from the society in his journey.

Gym workout

Sea Training Classes

29177279_175977569713456_669514873788432384_n“>Sriram’s first sea swimming class video

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Societal Support

Sriram Srinivas gave heartful thanks to Dr.Sylendra Babu I.P.S. In his busy schedule he spent his valuable time in encouraging and motivating him for sea swimming. Sriram felt happy to meet him and received his energy boosting words.


Sriram Srinivas received a signed copy of Mr. Irai Anbu I.A.S. Sriram is grateful for his motivational words.


Sriram Srinivas received the first copy of a book from Ezha Vani akka at The Chennai Book fair.


Sea Swiming Events

Sriram has participated in Goa Sea Swimming event on 25-Feb-2018.
Event: Sea Swimming (5 Kms)
Duration: 3hrs
Sriram didn’t realize the time duration, later that he came to know and tried his level best and succeeded 4Kms. He was honoured (Finisher Medal) for reaching 2Km 500M. For this competition, he was trained by my coach Mr. Sathish and sea swimmer Mr. Selvam. Sriram will be very much thankful to them.

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Sriram Srinivas participated in various other events and won many medals.

Training cum Social Events

Sriram’s adventurous trip involves trekking, hill climbing, rope walking at Connor.


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