Welcome to Sai Sriram Trust !

Sai Sriram Trust website aims to motivate parents with a special child to portray and celebrate the success of their child, and act as a bridging channel to connect parents by providing useful information and aid interaction between them. Parents can upload their child success, write blogs to share their experiences, events available for child participation, and discuss their various uncertainties proactively. The website provides the following facilities to support parents:

  • Show your child’s achievements to the world
  • Parents can write blogs/stories to share their experiences
  • Highlight events for special children available across India
  • Share useful information to support parents
  • Forum to discuss proactively their challenges and opportunities

Parents can use the facilities on the website to actively help themselves and also support other parents in need.

Please use the contact us form to send the child’s achievements and your opinion to enhance this website.

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